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Champlain Esports is a comprehensive, college-wide esports program. We support the success and fulfillment of our esports competitors as well as the dedicated Champlain community of esports managers, broadcasters, promoters, and enthusiasts.

Champlain Esports includes both varsity and club teams, which are open to students in all majors. Our state-of-the-art esports hub is home to our esports community and has been designed to build school spirit among students, faculty, staff, alumni, and in the local Burlington, Vermont, area.

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Students and Chauncey the mascot watching a student play a computer game

Community-Building Esports Events

At Champlain, esports is for everyone. To that end, we make sure to host esports events that encompass the full range of gamers, from recreational to hyper-competitive. Whether you want to chill out with a friendly Mario Kart tournament or give back to the community with our annual Extra Life event, there are many ways to participate and support the Champlain esports community.

Professional Skill-Building Opportunities

In addition to supporting students in competitive play, the Champlain Esports program paves the way for students to learn about and gain experience in the multi-billion dollar video game industry, as well as to cultivate skills in related fields such as:

  • Broadcast Production
  • Video Production
  • Marketing and Brand Management
  • Team Leadership
  • Event Coordination
  • Facility Management

Want a career in the game industry?

The Game Studio at Champlain College is the premier destination for students who want to prepare for a career in game development in a real-world setting that mirrors how the professional game industry actually works. At Champlain, your game classes will start in your first semester and continue through your last. Our industry-expert faculty will guide you through the rigorous courses that will shape you into a polished game industry professional.

Explore the Game Studio

  • Game Art
  • Game Business & Publishing
  • Game Design
  • Game Production Management
  • Game Programming
  • Game Sound Design
Esports director standing and smiling at an esports event

Christian Konczal

Champlain College Esports Director

As a Champlain College alum, Christian is excited to lead Champlain College Esports and bring out the best in students involved in the program. Christian’s plans involve growing the program alongside the ever-expanding esports industry, focusing on new team options and enhancing event production through streaming and broadcasting. The goal is to build a true and enthusiastic community around Champlain Esports.
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Champlain Esports is a thriving community of competitors and promoters. Join our team to compete, broadcast, commentate, and more as part of our comprehensive program. There are plenty of opportunities for all interested students, so get in on the fun today!

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