If you’re looking for a community of rich individuals who all share a passion for gaming, having fun, and being active you came to the right place! Champlain College Esports (CCE) is the hub for casual and competitive gaming helping students participate in a unique community.

CCE has hosted events from Extra Life to Battle Over Burlington. During the summer of 2017 CCE teamed up with the Admissions Office at Champlain to run the Class of 2021: Calling All Heroes event.

Whether you want to be on one of our Varsity Teams, in Upper Management, or participate at our LAN events, you are welcomed member. Click here to get involved and join us!



Need more information? Here are a bunch of important resources:

Student Handbook

Facebook: Champlain eSports
Twitter: @Champ eSports
Twitch: Champlain College Esports