Work Study and Internships with Champlain Esports

We offer work study positions for everything from broadcasting to content creation. If you are interested in gaining valuable work experience participating in a field you are passionate about and helping develop the first athletic brand at Champlain College in over 20 years, this a great opportunity for all interested students. Being a student-led program, students are immediately able to provide input and help guide the direction of the program.

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Work Study and Internships at Champlain College

As a professionally focused institution, Champlain emphasizes the value of getting as much time in the field as possible. We go to great lengths to create the best options for our students to do so. If you have the drive, we will work with you extensively to help you find—or create—an internship that will give you a chance to really dig into the work of your profession, build up your professional portfolio, and capture impressive credentials for your résumé.

Our career-focused programs align closely with specific professions—and because our Upside-Down Curriculum allows you to take courses in your major beginning in your first semester at Champlain, you will be prepared to do productive work in an internship in your field as early as the summer after your first year. Having an established professional skill set upon which you can build will set you apart from others when it comes to securing an internship—which, like the overall job market, is becoming increasingly competitive.

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Champlain Esports is a thriving community of competitors and promoters. Join our team to compete, broadcast, commentate, and more as part of our comprehensive program. There are plenty of opportunities for all interested students, so get in on the fun today!

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