Champlain Varsity Esports Scholarships

Varsity participants including players, managers, and coaches are eligible to receive competitive athletic scholarships.

Students interested in receiving a scholarship should sign up on our Join Us page and participate in one of our annual tryouts. Depending on need, teams may also host mid-semester tryouts. Fill out the form now to save your place for the tryouts.

Students can learn more about scholarship details after trying out for the varsity teams.

Scholarships at Champlain College

At Champlain, we are committed to recognizing and supporting students’ academic achievements. In 2021, Champlain invested more than $36 million toward scholarships. This supports more than 95% of students in paying part of their educational costs with scholarships that do not have to be repaid.

Students who receive an outside scholarship will not have their Champlain College scholarship reduced, in most cases. Tuition benefits, tuition exchange, and military and veterans’ benefits are not considered outside scholarships and could impact the student’s eligibility for additional Champlain scholarships.

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Champlain Esports is a thriving community of competitors and promoters. Join our team to compete, broadcast, commentate, and more as part of our comprehensive program. There are plenty of opportunities for all interested students, so get in on the fun today!

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