Champlain Esports: The Legacies of our Champs

Champlain Esports Achievements

NECC 2021-22 Overwatch Champions Challengers Division trophy

Welcome to the accolades page, where we celebrate our victories, commemorate our achievements, and honor the hard work and dedication of our Champs. From national championships to individual accolades, our journey is marked by perseverance, teamwork, and the relentless pursuit of excellence!

Our success is not measured solely by the games we win, but by the growth we experience, the skills we develop, and the community we build. Each achievement is a testament to the passion, commitment, and talent that define Champlain Esports.

Join us as we look back on our proudest moments and look forward to the many victories yet to come. This is Champlain Esports—where every achievement is a shared victory, and every triumph is a stepping stone to greater heights.

Notable Events

Spring ’23Overwatch Baja/TealNECC Midseason Tournament Champions
Spring ’23Overwatch BajaNECC Spring Champions, Emergents Division
Spring ’23Overwatch BlueNECC Spring Champions , Champions Division
Spring ’22Overwatch BlueNECC Spring Champions, Challengers Division
Spring ’22Overwatch BlueNECC National Champions, Challengers Division
Fall ’22CCERaised $3,622 for Extra Life
Fall ’22Joseph ClementeNational Association of Esports Coaches and Directors 2022 All-American Award
Fall ’22Varsity ValorantNECC Fall Champions, Challengers Division
Fall ’22Varsity Rocket LeagueNECC Fall Champions, Challengers Division
Fall ’21CCERaised $3,535 for Extra Life
Fall ’21Rainbow Six Siege BlueNECC Fall Champions, Challengers Division
Fall ’20CCERaised $1,026 For Extra Life
Fall ’19CCERaised $966 for Extra Life

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