Professional Skill Development with Champlain Esports

Just like in traditional sports, there are a ton of opportunities around the game that have nothing to do with playing it. Whether it’s for broadcasting, social media management, content creation, or facility and community management, there are plenty of opportunities to participate in esports even if you aren’t a competitor!

At Champlain Esports, we prioritize the idea that every student engages in applied learning experience. Everything students do here is set up to help students transition to careers post-college. These experience boost resumes and help students develop into stronger workers and critical thinkers.

Professional Skill Development at Champlain College

Champlain College has been delivering a distinctly career-focused education since 1878. The College’s renowned career-focused education has a number of distinguishing programs and features that contribute to our graduates’ extraordinary success when entering the marketplace in their fields of interest.

  • Every major is market-focused, reflecting professional fields with the greatest career potential. Our minors give our graduates highly differentiated résumés.
  • Through the Upside-Down Curriculum, students are prepared to get out into the field and do the job starting after their very first year.
  • Our award-winning Career Collaborative has dedicated Career Coaches for each division to assist with landing internships, job search preparation and skills, and networking opportunities, as well as extensive resources for advancing career options throughout life.
  • Our career education, the InSight program, equips students with the career readiness and personal finance skills they need to transition successfully from college to career.
  • Extensive on- and off-campus career programming, including job fairs and professional recruiting and networking events, gives Champlain students a leading advantage over their peers.
  • Senior Capstone classes give Champlain students a semester-long career-launching experience.
  • Through Champlain’s Centers of Experience, many students have the opportunity to work in on-campus professional environments that enable them to gain real-world skills in their field, build their résumés, and get experience working in productive teams.

93% of graduates over the last six years were employed or continuing their education within six months of graduating.

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Champlain Esports is a thriving community of competitors and promoters. Join our team to compete, broadcast, commentate, and more as part of our comprehensive program. There are plenty of opportunities for all interested students, so get in on the fun today!

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